Ascenso Promotions is proud to represent Nova Scotia’s own singer-songwriter, Sarah Pound. She has new and exciting material to launch and we hope you soon get the pleasure of seeing her live. Sarah is a poet and she is known for her soulful voice, vocal range and canny ability of singing different genres. She performs and writes for both the piano and the guitar, and although her style may be tricky to pinpoint, her sound brings to mind the umbrella genre of Americana, merging folk, country, blues, R&B and soul. Her latest project consists of working alongside the extraordinary John Ebata, and they have recently released their new single, "Nova Scotia Strong", on an hour long concert on Eastlink Television.

Sarah also plays and sings in two other bands in her local area. One, a 5-piece country band, The Sundries, with players Jeff Hennesy, Mike Reese, Nic D’Amato and Mike Carroll. She also sings in the 15-piece dance band, Bluesmobile, which has a tremendous following.

Her strength was tested as an individual and as a musician at the young age of 17, when she was diagnosed with voice threatening vocal nodes. Doctors recommended ‘vocal rest’ and that’s what she did, before eventually having surgery just over a year later. Sarah relearned how to sing, excited about the new vocal range. She did not let this hold her back and dove into classical vocal training at university a couple of years later, while getting a degree in music therapy.

We highly recommend going to seek out Sarah Pound on Facebook, Youtube and her website!